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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Onyx Dragon by Shawn E. Crapo

Onyx Dragon by Shawn E. Crapo - Available on Amazon

When a young Northman mysteriously appears at the gates of Morduin to ask for aid, it is discovered that his plight is more than it appears. The servants of an ancient, malevolent being known only as The Lifegiver have stepped foot on the divided island kingdom, and threaten to enslave its people.
To save his kingdom, young Prince Eamon must travel to the ruins of Dol Drakkar, an ancient temple once dedicated to worship of The Dragon. There, he will receive the blessing of the mysterious Firstborn and take on the mantle of all the kings before him. Bearing the Serpent’s Tongue, a sword forged in the fires of the Earth by The Dragon himself, Eamon will have to awaken a long forgotten order of knights and unite the kingdoms once again. Only then can he and his new found allies drive the enemy away forever.

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