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Monday, May 26, 2014

Atrament Speak by Chloe McDonald

Atrament Speak by Chloe McDonald - Available on Amazon

Atrament Speaks is the first book of the trilogy - Noor. No story runs alone. Always it travels in the company of others. Demi-god. Warmonger. Tyrant. Vampyre. Cannibal. Before he fell from power and glory in ages past, these things were said of Atrament. Believed to be the embodiment of evil, Anathema, is the name he bears now. All he built...gone. All he hoped for...lost. One thing of great value remains. Knowledge. This is the gift he will offer to Clara Maddingley, foster-mother of the Insane Child, providing her with an answer she has sought for over twenty years: why did her boy descend into madness? Will truth be told, or is Atrament the father of lies? And if knowledge has a price, what must be paid to attain it? Clara will discover the cost, but first...she must listen to Atrament speak.