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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Listener by James McEwan

The Listener, an anthology of short stories by James McEwan - Available on Amazon

These fictional stories vary from the emotionally warm tale to the bizarre, supernatural and the occasional ghost story. But most of all they are poignant snippets of entertainment for the busy reader providing moments of bite-sized escapism. How would you react if you knew a secret about a loved one’s crime or perhaps having to care for your wife, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s? There’s an old soldier who entertains his grandchildren at Christmas with his tale of playing football in WW1. There is a Halloween story to pierce your heart. A further endearing tale tells us about Anne, who musters up the courage to face up to a bully. Your embarrassing mother may make you laugh and a story of tragic personal loss might make you cry but the one of a young girl’s secret love that is forbidden by her culture could fill you with joy. There is a farmer, who has to decide between moving abroad and staying with his family. Do you ever wonder about the erotic secret desires of your fellow workers? A kidnapped victim hangs onto a thread of perpetual hope in his adverse situation, and there is the bizarre situation of Abigail who is trapped between life and death. A version of Snow White concludes that she did not marry her prince after all. However, what happens when two women find out they are in love with the same man? There is another story where the character is recovering from an accident and has to decide what friendship really means.