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Sunday, December 29, 2013

EPOCH Awakening by Jeffrey Panzer

EPOCH Awakening by Jeffrey Panzer - Available on Amazon

New York, 2050: Daniel is enmeshed in a world in which he does not belong, which he finds loathsome, intolerable. Orphaned as a young child, he has in his 23 years never known family or friendship. The City lies in the secure grip of the IDSC, a draconian organization charged with the security and stability of the United States. This fact, ever present, undeniable, seems far removed from a man who lacks not just a sense of community but a sense of self as well. And he is plagued by nightmares, which he cannot understand yet nonetheless push him toward the unknown, the darkness of all that may be.
     After meeting a beautiful woman named Alena and her father Thorin, he and Thorin leave The City, set on a mysterious destination known simply as The Centre. The journey traces not only Daniel's path away from New York but also the incremental revelation of his past and true self, bringing closer the actuality of where he has come from, what he is, and what he is destined to become.
24 years earlier, Peter, Andrew, and a younger Thorin leave The Bay, set on a historic gathering in Philadelphia, which unbeknownst to them will initiate events that will change their lives, alter the very reality to which they've been accustomed, forever.
     Along the way they are joined by Edith, a thoughtful, Kind girl from Salt Lake City, and meet Jonathan, a mysterious man with a taste for good cognac and good times with Friends.
     The situation in Philadelphia, however, is not what they expect, and soon all turns to chaos, from which the friends emerge changed, each set on different ends. Andrew enlists with a man called Michael, chairman of an enigmatic organization known simply as IDSC. Thorin leaves to stay with his fiancĂ©e in Washington D.C. Edith returns to her now seemingly boring life in Salt Lake. Peter... Peter returns to San Francisco, alone and disillusioned.
     What none of them realize, what they would never suspect, is that they are already being moved by an intricate plan, a device of Fate and the vision of one who would change the nature of the U.S. and the world itself. When they are at last brought back together, the results are catastrophic, shaking their world to the core.
     Epoch Awakening is the first chapter in an epic tale of political upheaval, personal growth and discovery, and the burgeoning Spirit that will mark the New Age of this world. Among its lines is found an in-depth discussion and development of freedom, friendship, identity, and the significance of the stories we all read, write, and live every day.