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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Creature Leader by Sim Stevenz

Creature Leader by Sim Stevenz - Available on Amazon

The Plague and the War took many things from Drayven Locke, but it did give him one thing: hatred for everyone and everything. A fateful night inspires questions, a search for answers, the title of Creature Leader and ultimate dominion over the planet Pax. But amidst all of this, his struggle to forgive darkens his heart.
Clyne, a woman from his past haunts his presence. With her appearance comes more questions than answers.
Sealen Solnen is just another victim of the Plague and the War but she becomes so much more when she meets Drayven and makes it her destiny to bring him back to life.
His struggle to forgive and her struggle to be forgiven finds them both locked in a battle for his sanity....and his life.

Rakasha by Robert Davis

Rakasha by Robert Davis - Available on Amazon

In the ancient jungles of the east stalks a creature. An ancient Hindi Demon with a powerfully addictive bite.
Dressed in the skins of breathtaking beauty, this man eater seeks more than the lives of its victims, as its bite claims their flesh and their soul. Now the creature has slipped from the jungle and walks amongst us.
Join Robert Davis in this collection of short stories as he explores the Rakasha

WARNING - This is a collection of Horror stories. They are gory, gross, have drug and sexual references, mature situations and immature humor. If you are easily offended, this is not your book!