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Friday, April 26, 2013

Missing by Declan Conner

Missing by Declan Conner - Available at Amazon

Missing: The Body of Evidence, is a gripping crime thriller. A story of secrets and deceptions, and one woman’s determination to discover the truth.

When rookie LAPD detective Nancy Roberts is called to the scene of a fire and the remnants of a body are discovered, CSI can’t be sure if it is the result of a suicide, accident, murder, or.... Well... kind of something else.
The CIA declare an interest and point everyone on the investigation in the direction of a freak accident. Nancy doesn’t buy the theory of spontaneous combustion put forward. Her own unconventional investigations point her in a different direction, but they are curtailed when she is framed for being on the take. This brings her into conflict with her fellow detective and boyfriend, Kyle.Suspended and under orders not to continue with the search for answers, threats to her life and those she holds dear force her in a race against time to clear her name. But will she avoid death long enough to prove her innocence and to uncover the truth behind the strange events?

Broomsticks, Walking Sticks and Zimmer Frames by Sue Moorhouse

Broomsticks, Walking Sticks and Zimmer Frames by Sue Moorhouse - Available at Amazon

Fairy Tales for the Mature.
'Why is it always the young and glamorous - the beautiful princesses and handsome princes - who dominate fairy tales? These fun, adult, fairy tales are written from the viewpoint of the older characters: Red Riding Hood's grandma, a fairy godmother with a touch of Alzheimer's, the matron of Rapunzel's boarding school, a very stressed planning officer, the troll in the tower block and many more.'