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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rage by Julia Shaw

Rage by Julia Shaw - Available on Amazon

A short collection of modern poetry and tales with a twist. Realism and gritty, Northern humour are the inspiration for the content of this anthology. Julie Shaw tells it like it is and has a no holds barred approach to her writing. Contains expletives and sexual references.

Catacombs by Swordmuzic

Catacombs by Swordmuzic - Available on Amazon

His ancestors had murdered an innocent girl in their temple’s cellar. And his folks had since fallen prey to the wrath of her unreposed spirit…
Her inexorable curses would hunt down, through the generations, every member of the branch- one of their clan, Madhu was warned...
His mother would often relate the tragic end of her siblings all of whom died of a strange disease, one after another…
He realized that none of his folks died a natural death in the last hundred years! And his people were afraid he would be the next victim. But he was an agnostic, and a communist to boot.
He, like his rationalist uncle, did not believe a word of what his people said until…
…until one day he recognized who the girl that saved his life really was.
An esoteric fable of a boy and a ghost. Of love that transcends time and space, of love that defies death.
…Of a realm of anarchy where love and truth lay at the mercy of vice.
A story handed down through the generations, in which myths, facts and imagination struggle for survival.
A medium brow book that should, purportedly, entertain, edify and leave the reader enchanted.

Things I Wish My Mother Had Said by Genie Lee Perron

 Things I Wish My Mother Had Said by Lee Perron - Available on Amazon

A compilation of original artwork and motherly advice that spans generations. The author ties her own mother's words of wisdom to present day life with her own children. A loving tribute to a very wise woman. This work contains whimsical art which symbolizes and brings life to the words and suggestions contained in the text. Simple yet effective practices are highlighted in a way that make putting them into practice in one's own life easy. A relaxing read and awesome way to make life, in general, more simple and joyous.