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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Inca Poison by Kevin Chilvers

Inca Poison by Kevin Chilvers - Available on Amazon

To unravel the secret life of a murdered explorer and save a kidnapped boy, ex-military detective Simon Hawkins, teams up with undercover customs agent Samantha Kingsley. They soon find that all is not as it seems.
When their investigation reveals that the lives of thousands of British military personnel are at risk and the only thing that can save them has lain buried in the Amazon for 500 years, they embark on a dangerous quest to find it. They have just four weeks to save them and the assassins are only a step behind.

Dead Secret by Tony Gabriel

Dead Secret by Tony Gabriel - Available on Amazon

Investigative journalist Tony Gabriel inherits a bizarre mystery when he is left the research papers and books of a long-dead Cambridge historian - and a human skull. With no clue to the meaning of this mysterious legacy, Tony puts his years as a reporter to use to investigate who he really is - and is stunned by what he uncovers.