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Monday, June 17, 2013

Carla by Mark Barry

Carla by Mark Barry - Available on Amazon

A mental patient (Jonathan Dexter), with an ongoing history of violence and suffering an extreme form of Borderline Personality Disorder, is discharged into the community after three years in a private asylum.
In a prosperous English town, he meets and falls in love with Carla, a beautiful, naive young wildlife conservation student working behind the bar of an old tavern. The two develop a relationship - a good one, a warm one, one with a future, until things start to go badly wrong.

The Sword Bearers by Monique Rockliffe

The Sword Bearers by Monique Rockliffe - Available on Amazon

Khyri never wanted to rule as queen, or carry within her the renowned Sword of Heaven. But after centuries of peace, war has come to her planet, Theras, and with it comes death and destruction. Against her will, and in a desperate attempt to save all she holds dear, the Sword is forced upon her by those she loved and trusted.
Betrayed and lonely, Khyri and her family flee across Theras, and hunting her in her dreams and in the waking world, Drakoor, an arch demon, seeks the Sword– and with it, her soul.