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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fifty Shades of Swartz by Ed Harris

Fifty Shades of Swartz by Ed Harris - Available on Amazon

Part One of Fifty Shades of Schwarz.

Fifty Shades of Grey is hilariously sent-up by an exciting new indie author, Ed Harris, in Fifty Shades of Schwarz. Ana Steele, move over and make way for Maya Stein, a sexy 29-year old Brandeis graduate living in trendy Brooklyn and working in Manhattan for an Internet marketing firm. While Ana of that other series - which has sold a mere 65 million copies - may be a virgin who never owned a computer, Maya is a confident, experienced young woman with several notches on her belt and who spends most of her day surfing the web.
As the book opens, Maya is dating Jeremy Goldberg, a part-time waiter and yoga teacher who is pursuing an online graduate degree in education and trying to develop a screenplay. Maya is ambivalent about her feelings for Jeremy. She insists that they be allowed to date other people and refuses to change her Facebook status to “in a relationship.” A chance encounter on JDate leads Maya to Aaron Schwarz, a brooding, intense commercial real estate broker with unusual tastes in the bedroom as a result of a troubled upbringing. Meanwhile, Maya’s mom, Dottie Stein, is trying to fix Maya up with a single young rabbi, David Teitelbaum. And, more than ten years later, Maya still wonders wistfully if she should have gone to senior prom with Adam Goldman, who is about to graduate from Harvard Medical School. How might her life be different today as a doctor’s wife if she hadn’t turned him down because of his teenage acne?

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