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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stem by Steve Games

Stem by Steve Games - Available on Amazon

The dead live again. Normal. As if nothing happened. And there’s big money in it.
But the woman hired to run the secret lab finds herself in the grips of a body-selling industry and begins to wonder: "Am I assisting in a crime without knowing it?
“For a million dollars a month…can I stop?"
The face of crime was changing in America with the repeal of the Second Amendment. But as one deadly technology gave way to reason, a new one born of hope to improve life was being corrupted. In a futuristic facility capable of carrying out advanced stem cell experiments impossible to conduct anywhere else, they aren’t making organs. Underworld mastermind Norebo Leira and Dr. Vanessa Lyven have a more challenging task - to proceed with full body experiments on humans, something considered unethical and unsafe, banned from official avenues of research. And unfortunately, something will bring back the dead for a price greater than money.

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