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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Cure by Antoine Maurice Devine

The Cure by Antoine Maurice Devine - Available on Amazon

Based on a true story, The Cure begins when Dr. Bernard Clouseau is about to receive Canada’s highest award for developing a surgical cure for breast cancer after years of research. The results are being published in the New England Journal of Medicine. After accepting the award, he is found brutally murdered. The next day, staffers discover the records containing the key to his work are missing. What they don’t know is that the notes for a secret, drug-based study that resulted in total remission have also disappeared.
Carol Anderson, former clinical trial examiner for the National Cancer Institute, is asked to suspend her work developing community-based breast cancer programs to find his notes and determine their validity. She reluctantly teams up with Dr. Thomas Christian, an Office of Research Integrity investigator and former medical school lover who has become a thorn in her side. Their challenge escalates when the editor of the Journal retracts his endorsement of Dr. Clouseau’s trial, rendering his life’s work worthless.
Together, they track down key members of Dr. Clouseau’s team across North America, not aware that they are being shadowed by mercenaries in the employ of a powerful pharmaceutical company that learned of the second study. One by one, the people they meet are killed in a series of accidents. When Carol and Thomas discover Dr. Clouseau’s secret, their pursuers close in to eliminate them.

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