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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Gaslight Journal by Carla René

The Gaslight Journal by Carla René - Available on Amazon

When Isabella Audley returns home to Fairtown, NY from Radcliffe for the first time in three-years she learns that her family is now poor. To this contemporary woman of 1881 high-Society whose secret desires are to abolish all rules of Society that dictate how the affluent should behave, *and* marry a filthy-rich husband, she realizes to be dead would be the more desirable option.
Excited to finally spend time with her mother, Lilly, see cherished friends, and step back into the life of privilege she's always known, her bliss is cut short just moments after returning to town.
While rummaging in the attic, "Izzy" finds her deceased father's journal. When she learns that Lilly tried to hide the secret hidden in its pages (a secret that’s already set the course for their family’s destruction), their relationship deteriorates.
Only Thomas, a childhood friend, whom she soon discovers has a secret of his own, has it in his power to pull them from ruin.
But as Izzy finds herself falling for him, it's apparent that their difference in stations, caused by her slip in status, may prevent them from finding the happiness they were meant to have.

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