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Monday, April 22, 2013

Charlie and Pearl by Tammy Robinson

Charlie and Pearl by Tammy Robinson - Available on Amazon  

Charlie still lives in the same quaint New Zealand coastal town he was born in, and where he passed his teenage years on the beach yearning to make out with girls, if only they'd let him. He lives with his mum and works in the local bookshop. Nothing much in Charlie's life ever changes, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as he's not sure he'd know what to do with himself if it did.
Pearl has come to the bay to escape the memories of a love affair that ended badly, leaving her with a lingering melancholy that she just can't shake. She hides up in her Grandmothers old Beach house, where she indulges her dark mood with walks on the beach, showers under the night sky and wine. Lots of it.
They meet and Charlie is captivated by Pearl. She has a secret though, one that she knows will prevent them from having any kind of happy ever after. Question is: can she resist his charms knowing there's no hope for them?

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