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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Mobius Construct by Spilota

 The Mobius Construct by Spilota  -  Free pdf available from the author

The Möbius Construct is a space station near a Star Jump which can take travellers to other galaxies and star systems. But it shouldn’t exist…
After an attack by the aggressive Heebies, survivors abandon ship and head for safety in the nearest star system. A malfunction sends their life craft into a dangerous uncharted area of space. They finally make a landing on the massive space station known as the Möbius Construct. But this cannot be possible.
Five hundred years previously, the Heebies destroyed the Möbius Construct. The AI in charge of their life craft is unable to explain what has happened. The threat from the Heebies is still very real and something they must face. And then there’s Kyri, the Caretaker of the space station. Just who is she? What is her connection with one of their number?

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