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Monday, April 22, 2013

Chimaera by Tina Rath

Chimaera by Tina Rath - Available on Amazon

A collection of short fantasy stories for the 21st century, told by a gentle little monster with a penchant for happy endings. 

When a small chimaera appears in her wardrobe the narrator  is only mildly surprised. She agrees to let him stay and in return he tells her stories featuring such characters as Sergeant Prendergast, an ordinary policeman with some rather unusual friends including the Queen of Elphame and a sexy young gorgon; a hob with a grievance; an avatar of the Moon goddess; a stage-struck devil, and fairy tales telling what really happened to the Frog Prince, and Rumplestiltskin. All end happily – more or less. But readers must wait for the end of the book to find out if the narrator ever does finish writing her novel, if her true love does come home, and what ultimately happens to the chimaera.

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