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Monday, April 22, 2013

Monsoon Season by Katie O'Rourke

Monsoon Season by Katie O'Rourke - Available on Amazon

The story of a girl growing up and learning to let people love her. Riley graduates from college with a degree in philosophy and no idea where she's headed.  On a whim, she moves to Tucson from the east coast and quickly loses herself in a dysfunctional relationship. When things in Tucson fall apart, Riley returns home and is forced to confront the same dynamics in her family and other relationships that she thought she had escaped.

With alternating narrative, we see what Riley has learned about love from the people closest to her, how she has grown into the person she is, and how she struggles to change. Monsoon Season explores how well we know the people we love and how much every person we choose to let into our lives shapes who we become.

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